Introduction – Getting Digital

Transcript: The DEVA 20-Week Online Training Program provides Indigenous women, especially those in remote communities, with administrative learning and digital skills. All you need is an internet connection to increase future employment, opportunities, and entrepreneurial possibilities. Along with the latest digital and communication tools, we explore how to learn independently and think critically, ethics and moral responsibility, teamwork, and the importance of flexibility. This program aims to empower Indigenous women to enable them to pursue their career goals, provide for their families, and support their communities wherever they may be. After all, who doesn’t want to be a DEVA?


Our program consists of 20 weekly modules, culminating in a formal CAPSTONE project that highlights the skills learned. Afterwards, our students will partake in a 4-week practicum period provided by our wonderful sponsors to gain vital work experience. The course combined with the practicum will provide our students with the knowledge and experience needed to start a career in remote virtual assistance.

Take a look at the topics within this introductory module to get a better look at what the course will contain, as well as the workload required of you. Don’t worry if it looks overwhelming! We hold a weekly meeting, Wednesday Wisdom Circles, to discuss the challenges of each module and answer any questions you may have.

We try to encourage group learning as much as possible, so try to get to know your peers during WWC and throughout the weeks! Many find it’s much easier to grasp a concept with the help of your friends!


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