Exercise – Email Campaign

Exercise – Email Campaign


This exercise is all about creating an email campaign! Let’s take the skills you’ve just learned and apply them here:

1. Open MailChimp and start an email campaign using a template. Choose any one you wish.

2. Add your logo and your brand colors and fonts to it. Depending on which fonts you chose in Canva, you may not be able to find the exact same font. If this happens, choose one that is closest to your brand font.

3. Provide information in your newsletter about the DEVA course and the grad, filling in all the areas.

4. Be creative and have fun with it. When finished, click Save and Exit at the bottom right.

5. Next, you need emails to send your newsletter to. Create an audience called DEVA OL Cohort.

6. Add all your classmates’ email addresses.

7. Add my email address.

8. When you’re ready, click the Preview and Test button, and send a test email out to you and me.


Good luck!