Internet research is the practice of using Internet information, especially free information on the World Wide Web, or Internet-based resources in research. Internet research has had a profound impact on the way ideas are formed and knowledge is created.

Internet-based research method refers to any research method that uses the Internet to collect data. Most commonly, the Web has been used as a means for conducting research.

Know the Information You’re Looking For

With all of the information available on the internet, it’s really easy to get lost. Maybe you end up chasing down rabbit holes or trying to answer new questions every time they arise. Either way, you’re distracted from answering the original questions you set out to.

That’s why it’s so important to get clear about what those questions are and hold yourself to researching those answers.

Get Clear About Your Goal for Researching

While similar to the previous tip, defining your goal for research is more action-oriented. When you get answers to the questions outlined above, what will you do with them? All the questions you seek to answer with your online research should serve this overarching goal—helping you make a decision or choose your next course of action.

For example, your goal for travel research might be to choose and book a destination for your next family vacation.

Have a System and Stay Organized

The internet completely changes the stakes when it comes to research. There’s almost no limit to the amount of research you can do. That’s why it’s vital that you create a system for determining which information you’ll look at, plus how and where you’ll store it. Here are a couple of suggestions for staying organized:

  • Create Google Drive folders to store PDFs and other documents
  • Create a designated folder in your Bookmarks to store websites and URLs